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St. Mary’s Church (CNI) located in the Cantonment-Camp area of Pune city is the oldest standing church structure in the mid-western region of India and was called ‘The Mother Church of the Deccan’ by the former Metropolitan of the then Anglican Communion in this part of the world, The Most Reverend Bishop Reginald Heber.

Built in the early 1820s and consecrated on the 3rd of July, 1825, this church building has since then been a place of worship for people from different walks of life even as it has served as a historical landmark. Initially it was built for the purpose of worship for British military officers who were from the Protestant denomination of the Church of England, i.e. the Anglican Church. Gradually, apart from military officers, civilians too who were Christians and subscribed to the faith and practice of the Anglican Church in India, began to worship here.


With the Anglican Church in the northern region of India joining the union of the Church of North India in 1970, this church came under its banner since then although it continued to maintain some of its old traditions of worship pattern and order. This church has had regular worship services in English from the time of its establishment and has grown to presently have more than 300 families as its members who belong to different cultures. They come together to worship and testify to God’s faithfulness in either of the three worship services on Sundays (two that are in the traditional pattern and one which is contemporary in nature) or on weekday mornings. Apart from worshipping together, the members share in the life of the church through various fellowships (based on age and interests) and activities and in this way participate in the common witness of the church.

Yesteryears- St. Mary's Church from the South side

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