Music-The only art from heaven we inherit on earth. The only art from earth we take back to heaven.
An old Jewish legend says that after God had created the world He called the angels to Himself and asked them what they thought of it. One of them said, “The only thing lacking is the sound of praise to the Creator.” So God created music, and it was heard in the whisper of the wind and in the song of the birds. He also gave man the gift of song. And throughout all the ages, music has blessed multitudes of people. Singing God’s praises honors the Lord, edifies our brothers and sisters in Christ, and brings us joy. We at St. Mary’s Choir are blessed with a wonderful choir which has become an important aspect of Church service. The Church was fortunate to have musically minded Reverends, who have nurtured a good taste of Music in its congregation. Special mention needs to be made here of Late Revd. D. S Pathak and Revd. Rev.(Dr.) Kenseelan Azariah who were inspirational in teaching the congregation the sung liturgy (Anglican and CNI). Besides them the choir was privileged to have many choir conductors who trained the choristers at various Christmas Nine Lessons & Carols Services. . Presently under the leadership of Revd. Puia the choir is well structured into Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass sections. They have presented many songs and anthems in the church on various occasions. Presently there are around thirty regular members and by the grace of God we hope to fill the choir stalls in the coming year. Do join us and lift your hearts and voices in hymns of praise whenever you have the opportunity. If you have an inclination to sing and would like to lend your voice to making the services more meaningful you are most welcome to join us in the choir.

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