The initiation of the old age home was started by Rev. Rahul Kaigude. He was given a piece of land from his father and he decided to start this humble abode, to help people and to bring more and more people to the Lord. It all started when one man came to him saying that he wants to commit suicide as he has nothing left, Rev.Rahul then decided to help him by setting up this home. It began with just one person but now there are 10 people staying there in total

We were astounded to see someone sacrificing all his property and time to help others, and realised that the world needs more people like Pastor Rahul. After praise and worship, we interacted with everyone. Two youth members spoke to one resident to get to know his/her life and needs.

Most of them are from parts of Baramati and have had very obscure lives, some have lived a life in poverty while some have had severe family problems which compelled them to leave their homes and find shelter at Shaalom old age home.

When we asked them their requirements one of their main request was warm clothes and a heater, we then made a list of everything and promised them that we will try our best to make their lives more comfortable.

Talking to them and apprehending their situation filled our hearts with emotion and our eyes with tearS. They also showed us their field on which the cultivated their own crops and vegetables.The main vegetable they grew were chillies, after the chillies are ripe they dry them and make a powder out of it and sell it in the market, making a small profit.

Other than chillies, they also grow lady finger, bottlegourd, bringals, tomato, chickoo, beans etc. We finally reached church at around 9:30 p.m. and left there with smiles on our faces and determination to help more people in need.

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