Senior Citizen

The Senior Citizen’s fellowship at St. Mary’s Church Pune addresses the spiritual needs of individuals above the age of 60. It is one of the key ministries at St. Mary’s where members meet up every first Friday of the month. These get-togethers are not only an opportunity to celebrate the Christian faith and discuss the word of God, but also very informative. The gatherings are facilitated by an appointed member of St. Mary’s Church who regularly invites clergy and other eminent people to talk and deliberate on relevant matters of interest, such as geriatric care, will/ financial management, insurance etc.

The annual picnic is another wonderful event organised by the Church for the elderly. The most recent one was held in Sept 2011, where the group were invited by the Deep Griha Society Pune, to spend a day at their ‘City of Child’ at Kasurdi 45 kms from Pune. As an open event we had younger members as well as the oldest member of our Church Ms. Rosemary Heysmond who joined us for the picnic.

Aim & Objective
The aim of the fellowship is to provide a loving environment to all our senior citizens where we pray, praise and glorify God for all his blessings and care. The fellowship also provides a supportive and helpful environment for elders to share their problems and difficulties. Furthermore, meeting with the sick and bereaved families enables the group to reach out and extend help as required.

Membership to this group is a great opportunity for those who have retired/ completed sixty years to come share their testimonies and experiences for the betterment of fellow believers and the Church. Besides, there is always plenty of laughter, snacks and room for more. So come join us !

For more details and any queries please contact the current co-ordinator for the Senior Citizens Fellowship, Mrs. Grace Williams from St. Mary’s Church, Pune.

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