Youth Fellowship

Youth Fellowship
Youth Fellowship Retreat 2019'

Welcome to YF. It is indeed a blessing for our church to have a very active youth fellowship which meets every Saturday behind the church, at 5 p.m. We discuss and debate on the biblical approach as youth towards life. We are also very active in the worship services of our church, helping with the ushering during the communion and also as lay Readers.

Our activities over the last year have been as follows:

We also come up with an outing plan every month like trekking, visiting old age homes, orphanages etc. to promote a healthy communication and spirit of togetherness among the youth members and as an integral part of the society. This has also helped us in developing a larger youth group as new members continue to join every now and then, few of them are non-Christians.

We at present have a count of 30 members in our youth fellowship, who also get to confabulate through our youth fellowship facebook group. The youth takes care of the contemporary worship service of our church as well, by helping with the praise and worship sessions through songs and hymns.

Recently we have gone trekking twice, to Torne and Tikona forts – both of which are forts near Pune. It was a marvellous experience for all of us who chose to go for it. On both the occasions it was led by Mr. Dinshaw Eduljee a member of our church. He is willing to take us for many more as he himself is a professional trekker. These treks have also helped many of our youth members to fill the communication gaps among us and I feel very happy to see them together confabulating more often.


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